Artist Talk – Bill Friesen – Seeing Through a Sculptor’s Eyes

A discussion on the thought process that a sculptor uses when designing and building a piece of art. Where the ideas come from and how an idea is transformed into a finished sculpture.

Held live at Vancouver Island Visitor Centre  – Wednesday, January 22, 1pm

What is your area of practice or discipline? Multimedia primarily in sculpture.
Who Are you? What do you do? I am a sculptor, originally from Manitoba, with many years experience. I mainly work in welded steel and various casting methods and materials.
How did you get there? I have been making art since a very early age, participated in various workshops in the early years, attended the School of Art University of Manitoba, and graduated with an honours degree.
What was your transformational experience? As a kid, I was fascinated by an old Dutch man who lived near my home. He carved heads of old men that fit on to liquor bottles and you could pour the contents through the mouth. I had to learn to master that and that is what basically led me into sculpture.
What is your biggest success? Being recognized by my peers as a competent artist.
If you could go back and do something differently, what would that be? I would have entered university at an earlier age, which I believe would have allowed me to travel to international locations to study and partake in art projects.
 What are you working on now? I presently make a sculpture garden on my property and have three large pieces underway.
Who are your influences? Or who would you like to give a shoutout to? Major influences were sculptors Mike Bigger, Terry Hays, Anthony Caro & David Smith. Locally, my partner artist Marci Katz, artist Ed Varney, artist Robert Moon, and Jeff Hartbower, all of whom I consider as friends, influences and collaborators.

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