CCBC Citizen of Craft Award

Deadline for Nominations – June 1st, 2022

People who physically make objects understand that the making is only one aspect of creating culture: we need admirers and friends who are knowledgeable and thoughtful in their reception of our work, and who champion its grand diversity. This award is specifically for someone who is not a craftsperson, but without whom the craft community would be sorely diminished.

Applying online through?Slideroom, the nominators will be required to provide:

Nomination Statement

Describe in 1000 words or less why you nominating this person for the CCBC Citizen of Craft Award. Please include a description of how this person has made a substantial contribution to the development of craft in your community/region.

Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae

Please provide the nominee’s professional curriculum vitae of up to 10 pages in length. CV should emphasize the person’s achievements in the promotion of and support for contemporary craft.


Provide 1-10 items of that may illustrate their achievements

In the submission you will have to indicate that the Nominee:

  • accepts the conditions of the award – travel to Vancouver for presentation at the CCBC AGM (TBA)
  • grants permission to release his/her/their name to the public when the announcement of the results is made. Both the winner and nominees will be listed.
  • agrees to allow CCBC to use all materials submitted for promotional purposes and archival records.

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