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Emergent Seed by Jenny Mitchell

About this piece

Entitled “Emergent Seed”,this triptych is inspired by the Dylan Thomas line,”the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”. It is about new life and the energy that the seed uses to push it’s way through the different and difficult layers to emerge as a new beginning.


Emergent Seed


27″ ? 108″ (each panel 9″?36″)


Mixed Media- collage and acrylic


$ 1200

About the artist

Located in: Comox

I am an abstract artist working in mixed media and acrylics. I create lively layered paintings that explore innovative techniques. It is a continuous process of reacting intuitively to marks,paint and collage, inspired by the lines,shapes and colours in the Comox Valley. My aim is to communicate my joy exploring new ways of seeing nature, combining manmade geometric shapes with flowing organic ones.

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