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Estuary, Early Spring by Martha Jablonski-Jones

About this piece

Estuary, Early Spring–the title says it. Painted in April, the vernal turning, those first bright promising days, still not quite there, but you can feel it coming. The grasses are stirring out of their sleep, the leaves haven’t opened but the buds are there, the air is suddenly warmer. It’s a time of revival and new energies, the excitement captured in the high contrasts of sky and water against the sere colours of the old winter. We look forward to the coming next phase.


Estuary, Early Spring


30″ x 40″


Acrylic on canvas


$ 1200

About the artist

Located in: Courtenay

Martha’s art has mainly expressed sense of place. After working as an illustrator for several years, she moved to Vancouver to focus on painting the richly textured urban landscape.

A sojourn in Texas infused her work with a recharged sense of colour, then, moving to Vancouver Island brought a big scene change.

Her interest in urban themes remains, but she now includes the scenery of her Island home, as in this painting, “Estuary, Early Spring.”

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