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Expansion Bleue by Brenda Cardinal

About this piece

We are all passing through times of unrest and uncertainty. The sky represents expansion of ourselves, the ocean is the natural motion of constant change, and the mountains are a grounding of home. The color blue depicts the renewal of our lives with freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. May we each renew our lives in Blue tones to strengthen the depth, trust and loyalty of our relationships. And through self awareness we can be confident, stable and sincere with the wisdom, faith, and intelligence we gain.


Expansion Bleue


20″ x 40″


Art Rendered Photography


$ 300

About the artist

Located in: Comox

Born, raised in Victoria and later travelled Canada experiencing unique locations and local cultures. It is easy to see how multi-cultures have make this country so amazing. The past 5 years, I have delved into the world of art and creativity, drawing me into another level of communication and understanding through my artistic photography.

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