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Icelandic River (Skei?ar?) by Roz MacLean

About this piece

An aerial view of Skei?ar?, a glacial river in Iceland rendered in an imagined colour scheme, this piece embodies flow and the inevitability of change. The transformation of glacier ice into river symbolizes cyclical and ongoing renewal, as new energy rushes in to fill space where it has been displaced. As the water is replaced by the new, the landscape is transformed by constant motion and force. A snapshot of a place that contains flow and movement, this segment of the river will never hold the same water particles again, constantly renewed.


Icelandic River (Skei?ar?)


24″ x 30″


Oil on canvas


$ 1600

About the artist

Located in: Comox

Roz MacLean is an artist and third generation settler of European descent living and working on the unceded territories of the K’omoks Nation. Her practice includes a range of media and formats, and she is interested in the natural world’s geography, beings and relationships as a source of meaning and grounding in the world. She is especially intrigued by natural “flow systems” and the organic structures that are created by them.

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