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Nature’s Quid Pro Quo by Heather Soos

About this piece

In every part of the world, the blooming of flowers signifies renewal. Many animals including insects, like this honeybee, rely on the nectar and pollen from the flowers they visit and, in turn, provide fertilization for the plant, thus guaranteeing the continuation of countless species of plants and animals. This symbiosis or ?quid pro quo?, as the title suggests, is found everywhere in nature and is essential for life?s continued renewal.


Nature’s Quid Pro Quo


14″ x 18″


Scratchboard and coloured ink


$ 2470

About the artist

Located in: Courtenay

Heather is a self-taught wildlife artist, specializing in the realistic portrayal of the natural world. She works primarily in acrylic, oil, and scratchboard. Each piece aims to portray the character of the subject with authenticity and artistry. She is a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, an international organization of leading wildlife sculptors and painters. Her work has been included in the Society?s annual Exhibition, Art and the Animal, and other international exhibitions.

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