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Rain by Tracy Kobus

About this piece

I painted this in response to the sense of collective angst brought about by a number of events in the past couple years; including the Black Lives Matter movement, coronavirus, Indigenous issues and climate change urgency.

This tree snag, which is referenced from a photo on a hike to the 5040 Peak (near Tofino), seemed to express it all. I also wanted to increase the sense of visual perspective with the rain drops. There’s a feeling of fear and anger expressed here but at the same time cleansing and a hope for renewal.




12″ x 24″


Acrylic on canvas


$ 995

About the artist

Located in: Courtenay

In my acrylic paintings I explore the powerful imagery of the West Coast and reflect on how these surroundings, in combination with life experiences, shape who I am. These paintings speak about many aspects of life?s journey which for me include: community, comfort and loss, happiness or the tension between human endeavor and the natural environment. During the process of creating, I often find a story naturally unfolding through my work.

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