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Unfurling by Angela Farquharson

About this piece

This year we humans have been squeezed into new circumstances and ways of being. We have searched for ways to find ease in adaptation. Did you find yourself spending more time in nature than ever?
Skiing down an untouched slope of snow; watching a butterfly stretch it’s wings for the first time; the dewy stench of freshly bloomed skunk cabbage; the glowing explosion of forest floor fungi – there is wisdom being expressed in nature throughout the seasons. Birth, life, death and metamorphosis are on constant display.






Wood marquetry skis


$ 3000

About the artist

Located in: Merville

Ange is a local artist working in wood marquetry. She displays curiosity, playfulness and a tendency towards sublime landscapes. Since childhood, art has transported Ange to her favourite or imaginary spaces. Currently, she is interested in depicting the feeling of flow and the rhythmic interplay of colour and light in nature.

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