More Courtenay Museum Lectures!

Online Lecture: Travel Journal 101 ? Proof of Life

Join artist and travel journaler, Wayne Wilson, for an inspiring Zoom presentation, where he will show you how to create your own travel journal. Drawing from his museum career and from outdoor expeditions, Wayne will share his tips and tricks for keeping a lasting memory of your experiences.
Event details: Tuesday May 17th at 7:00p.m. via Zoom. Free admission.

Online Lecture: ?Lest We Forget? ? The Conservation of an Unforgettable Scrapbook

Join art conservator, Tanya Richards, for a special Zoom presentation in which she will detail the various challenges of conserving and replicating the one-of-a-kind leather-bound book, ?Lest We Forget,? created by Ruth Masters in the 1970s to commemorate those lost in World War I and II.
Event details: Tuesday May 31st at 7:00p.m. via Zoom. Free admission.

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