More great workshops from Kiki’s 2.0 + Tideline Gallery!

The NEW Kiki?s 2.0 Shop on Comox Avenue, Komoks, is pleased to be hosting a series of Arts-Culture-Wellness workshops throughout 2022. Continuing the series is Tideline Gallery, from Oyster River, hosting ?Glass Jellyfish Workshop? on Saturday, February 26th?from 11 am till 3 pm at Kiki?s 2.0.

Tideline co-owner and facilitator, Vicki Johnson explains ?the jellyfish tops have been hand-blown at Tideline?s Oyster River studio and we will put together the tentacles of the jellyfish using crystals and glass beads?.? Recently Kiki?s 2.0 and Tideline partnered up for a Mala Prayer Bead workshop which sold out; there are a few seats open for the Jellyfish workshop on the 26th?and registration is $125 plus tax. Johnson has been facilitating art-based workshops for decades now and is excited to be bringing this unique Jellyfish workshop, and more, to K?omoks.

Next up on March 12th?and 19th, Kiki?s 2.0 will host an electro forming/plating workshop, each participant will make one crystal or agate pendant necklace.? All supplies are included to make your creation wear ready.? Participants will learn to form, sculpt and secure loops and hooks to their crystals plus which materials to use, formulas and equipment. A supply list will be provided to set up your own station for future use. Also being taught is how to clean up and polish this special project and how to ensure it is sturdy enough to wear.? This workshop is 2 days with day one focusing on readying the crystal or agate for electroplating, and day two, cleaning and preparing the chain.

Kiki?s has been in operation for 10 years and has recently opened an anchor storefront on Comox Avenue. ?We are thrilled to be here? adds Kealy KIKI Donaldson, ?The move to the Valley has been very refreshing and welcoming. Thank you to all who have popped by to say hello and supported; we welcome everyone to come see what our newest Kiki?s 2.0 Arts-Culture-Wellness concept is all about!?

Watch for the next round of workshops coming Spring 2022!

Another offering from Tideline Gallery is ?Mom & Me? Beach Glass Necklaces, Saturday April 23rd?(tbc)! Workshop costs are being kept reasonable with the first of the ?Mom & Me? being offered at $50 + tax for youth and their moms, grandmothers or aunties to participate ?? all supplies and facilitation included. Build a beautiful keepsake together and create memories for a lifetime!

Connect with Kiki?s Communications on Facebook, call 250.203.1880 or email?

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