The Wearable Art Show is Back!

Patrons of the Arts (POTA) are producing another dazzling Wearable Art Show! It will be Saturday, October 15 at the Tidemark Theatre. In addition to being a?fabulous performance and showcase of a mix of new and recycled wearable art, the Wearable Art Show is a gala fundraiser for Patrons of the Arts.Want to be part of?a wonderful opportunity to create?something?stunning,?beautiful, thought provoking, and upcycled? Up to 14 artists will be selected to participate.?Prizes of $500 each will be awarded for REMARKABLE UPCYCLING (creative refashioning of materials destined to be tossed out, made into a?piece of wearable art), AUDIENCE CHOICE and DEBUT.

To get an an idea of this vibrant and fantastic event, have a look at the Campbell River Mirror’s coverage of the 2019 show?here?and these?descriptions of a few past creations:
Beyond The Blue:?The gown reflected the colours of the sea. It was made with upcycled?hospital supplies: gauze, plaster for casting, cotton cloths, flannel bandages, cotton batting, glue, netting, acrylic paints and gems.

Quest for Perfection:?A sparkling and alluring piece created out of tin foil and standard hair supplies. The pi?ce de r?sistance -?a hairstyle to delight you.

Lucky” Dress:?A jingling shiny ensemble “pulled” together with beer and pop pull tabs.?Mother:?A silhouette of Mother Nature. Fusing painted and pulped paper and egg cartons with blue non-biodegradable trash bags created a visual impact.

Download an application form?here?and send it in by June 15.?Questions? Just email POTA?here?or learn more about POTA?here.

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