Annual 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Looking to get out of your same old scenario? Feeling like there’s GOT to be something new you can do… but just don’t know what?

Try the 30 Day Drawing Challenge and open up your creative brain trust! 

We kick off January 2, each year!

Drawing is a proven mind-opener and it can lead to new ideas, new approaches, new achievements that have nothing whatsoever to do with art! Re-calibrate your brain, get out a pencil and paper and DRAW SOMETHING… every day for 30 days.

It takes 21 days to create a habit – imagine how your thinking could change if you start or end each day with a drawing.

By the end of 30 days you could have a whole new outlook, a whole new inspiration… a whole new way of thinking!

or, you could just be a better drawer. Either way, it’s a win!

Check out the latest challenge on Instagram or Facebook by searching for #CV30day2022

How to Participate

There are no rules except DRAW. EVERY. DAY.

You can get the daily topics by: 

  • subscribing to the daily email via the signup form (with tips, links to design techniques, starter ideas)
  • download the calendar HERE (available here free as of Jan 1, or you can pick up a printed copy by donation at Second Page Used Books on Duncan Ave in Downtown Courtenay).
  • staying tuned to the Facebook Group

JOIN IN ON FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM  (totally optional)

If you wish, we encourage you to post your daily drawings by mentioning @comoxvalleyarts on facebook or instagram and tag with #CV30day2022

If you don’t do social media, join the fun and share with your friends over hot chocolate via Zoom or Facetime!

Or just do it for yourself, in the privacy of your own sketchbook. You don’t have to share with anyone if you don’t want to!

For 2022, we’ve got some Drawing Spots lined up for you… (pandemic progress pending, of course) – A Drawing Spot is a place to go – away from home – and get a change of scenery, maybe meet up with a friend, and get your daily drawing done. 

  • Benino Gelato
  • The Spool Sewing Studio
  • HMCS Alberni Memorial Museum
  • Soulstar Metaphysics
  • Vancouver Island Regional Libraries (Courtenay, Comox & Cumberland) 

… and perhaps more! Stay tuned to this page and/or our social media for updates! 

Of course each location has their own hours and covid protocols. Please check in advance.

Sign up for our daily emails and draw along from home

How to Start a Facebook Team (Optional)

  • go to and click the “Raise Money for a Non-Profit Organization” button.
  • search for Comox Valley Community Arts Council in the charity list.
  • select us, and then decide how much money you want to raise, and when you want to raise it by (we suggest February 5).
  • decide on a Name for your fundraiser, and explain why you are raising funds.
  • pick one of the available “Cover Photos” and click CREATE… then share it far and wide!
  • include the link to your fundraiser in the instagram and facebook posts of your drawings, encourage your friends & fans to support you in finishing all 30 days…

Facebook Auctions (Optional)

In previous years, some drawers have chosen to auction off selected drawings to support Comox Valley Arts. We would like to formalize that more this year, by offering a 30-day Auction Page, where you can choose which images you’d like to contribute, and manage your own bids & collections. 

We’ll help promote the auction page, and together we can raise some money to support our Youth engagement programs (free hands-on art at community events, youth music showcases, arts education offerings).

Need a little extra motivation?
Grab a drawing kit... or give one!