We have workshops scheduled and ready for you to take…

We’ve added a couple new ones lately! Keep an eye on this page, or on our social media for updates and additions! 
  • Clay Sculpting with a Live Model V2 (Bust) with Joel Prevost (in-person)
  • The Stories in Us – These Hands with Heather Myers (in-person)
  • Embodied Artmaking with Heather Myers (in-person)
  • Let’s Explore Some Tech: Curious what it does and how it can help you? We’ll explore Canva, Mailchimp, Square, WordPress, Woocommerce and more.
  • Social Media Self-Audit for Facebook & Instagram with Evie Lavers (online)
  • Getting Started with Portraits, with David Goatley, SFCA (in-person)
  • Painting Portraits from Photographs, also with David Goatley (in-person)
  • April Showers Bring May Flowers – Florals in Acrylics with Susan Schaefer (in-person)
  • Painting Trees from the Ground Up (Acrylics) with Cindy Mawle (in-person)
  • Outbox: Digital Development for the Working Artist (online)

And in keeping with our effort to help you build your creative business or enhance your marketing skills watch for these ones as they get scheduled:

  • All about Audio Books for Authors
  • Song-writing for people who don’t write songs (and how to use Garageband)
  • Do I HAVE to do social media?? Why and how to do it well.
  • Getting started with Tik-Tok – even if you think you’re too old..
  • Putting your best art forward – how to look like a pro when submitting your work
  • Taking it Outside – translating your work to murals
  • and more…

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Let us know, and maybe we can work something up!