We are pleased to present CV/Arts + YQQ Arts and Culture 2022-23 Mindful Travel exhibition that showcases a selection of works from artists in the central island region reflecting on the theme of “Mindful Travel as defined by Vancouver Island Tourism. 

Exhibiting artists considered what “Mindful Travel” meant to them as they reside on or visit the unceded and traditional land that for thousands of years has been referred to as “The Land of Plenty”.


Oral histories and archaeology describe a bountiful relationship between Indigenous peoples and the land in this geographic region that to this day continues to offer endless natural treasures and cultural richness. With the main goal to keep the island’s natural and cultural resources sustainable and alive, for both the people who visit, and the people who call it home, and addressing the pressing environmental concerns of our current time, the artwork presented in this exhibit shows the artists’ reflections about their presence on this ancestral land and what travelling from and to this territory meant to them.


You can also visit the Comox Airport website to see all the details about each artist and each piece on display.