30 Day Drawing Challenge

The 30 Day Drawing Challenge

The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is an interactive, barrier-free activity accessible to anyone in the world for the month of January. We design and produce a thematic calendar full of exciting challenges for you to work through, together or on your own. We invite you to share progress throughout the month on social media. Our online community is a welcoming space for you to comment on, encourage and celebrate artwork made by everyone at all levels.

As you work through the 30 days, we invite you to share your work with each other on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #CV30day2024. Start the new year with habit-building creative process, and join today! Join the 30 Day Drawing Challenge Facebook Group, or participate on your own. Sign up for our newsletter to get daily prompts to your inbox for the month of January.

Drawing Stations with free art supplies are provided at the Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland branches of the Vancouver Island Regional Library.

2024 Theme: Tales of the Ordinary

Paying attention to the ordinary can be surprising. The word ordinary refers to what is “normal, usual or typical” at times so familiar that it can even be ignored. By paying attention to what is missed or overlooked (objects, situations, gestures, moments or habits) and grounding our creative process on what we have normalized, the mundane and the ordinary, we can allow our familiarity to be questioned, flipped, re-formulated and, challenged.  

This year we invite you to engage in an artful exploration using drawing as a way to revise our familiarity with the ordinary. We invite you to pay attention to what we unconsciously ignore or actively choose to observe as a subject matter. What we exclude or prioritize can help us develop our own creative voice and critical thinking. Drawing can be a powerful act that can help us check our own biases and take an active standpoint as we share our art with other people too. Let’s make space for self-reflection while we also have fun.  Download the Drawing Calendar below.

How to Participate

  • There are no rules. Just DRAW. EVERY. DAY. 
  • Download the drawing prompt calendar above.
  • You can also pick up a drawing calendar at the Vancouver Island Regional Libraries (Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland branches).
  • Share your work on the Facebook Group and  Instagram using #cv30day2024