The Arts Guide + Studio Tour

The Central Island Arts Guide

The Central Island Arts Guide is a growing online listing of regional studios, artists and creatives. You can see the Arts Guide here.

The Guide is an effective promotional tool for the collective of artists in our region, and it also functions as a guidebook for visitors and residents who are interested in the arts. In currently the Arts Guide boasts over 80 art studios in the region, showcasing a wide variety of media from traditional to contemporary. CV/Arts has improved the presence of equity deserving artists in the Guide, through outreach efforts and reducing barriers to participation including waiving registration fees.

The Central Island Arts Guide facilitates access to many regional studios in one easy to access space. The robust online directory is used by residents and visitors seeking to learn more and invest in art created in the Central Island region.

Are you an artist?

Our community of artists is stronger together. Check out the Arts Guide website to discover other artists in the region, learn how to list yourself as an artist or your studio/gallery and find out how to participate in the spring Studio Tour (read about the Studio Tour below). The Arts Guide seeks to represent artists of all backgrounds and aims to lower barriers to participation for equity deserving individuals. The program serves the Central Island region.

Comox Valley Arts is the parent organization of the Central Island Arts Guide.

The Central Island Studio Tour

The Central Island Studio Tour takes place in the spring annually, featuring studios in the Central Island Art Guide. Each year art studios across the region open their doors for the weekend and welcome visitors offering hands-on art experiences, demos, talks and presentations. Few coordinated opportunities exist for artists in our region to showcase work without commission or steep fees. Access to promotional platforms are expensive and inaccessible for emerging artists.

2024 Studio Tour : June 1&2, 2024

View the 2024 Studio Tour Map and flipbook here.

Did you know that the Central Island Arts Guide and Studio Tour have a different website? Check it out here.