Digital Creation Services

The Digital Creation Hub

Comox Valley Arts provides a host of resources for artists seeking to elevate their practice, experiment and try new things. The Comox Valley Digital Creation Hub aims to eliminate the cost barrier to digital tools for artmaking by providing a community recording studio, video and photo gear at little to no cost. The Digital Tool Library includes gear that can be used by members of the community for artistic purposes or events.

The Digital Creation Hub offers a staffed, low-barrier, community studio that provides one-on-one coaching to the public. Our Digital Creative Hub is 180 sf space built-out with recording equipment and video/photography gear. The Digital Creation Hub works with students, seniors and people of all backgrounds interested in exploring digital tools for artmaking, but who don’t yet have a mastery of these tools. People can sign up to record a song, a podcast, some poetry, an artist talk or an audio book, have a professional headshot taken, or photograph artwork. Participants can have short simple videos produced and edited as well. Access to the studio is broad and we welcome projects of all levels, including experimentation and those new to tech tools.  

Ways to Use the Digital Creation Hub

Community Multi-Purpose Sound Recording Studio: Bring your podcast ideas to life, record a demo for your song, record your audio book.

Photography: Let us support you to photograph your artwork for your socials/website, take headshots for your portfolio, photograph your band etc.

Videography: Allow us to support you in creating your own music video, comedy sketch video, coach you in filming your event, short product clips of your artwork or small-scale production.

Small Community Meeting Space: Book our small meeting space to use for your creative needs.

Community Need

Barrier free access to tech tools and tech support are fundamental needs for artists and people interested in pursuing creative endeavors today. Additionally, an often-overlooked part of this dilemma is the learning component; it is one thing to provide technology and another to understand how to use it. The Digital Creation Hub fills a gap and eliminates barriers to access (cost, location, knowledge) and addresses the learning component by providing a tech coach. 

Looking to build your online presence as an artist or creative on Vancouver Island? Check out the Qualicum Beach Digital Creation Hub and its offerings!

How does it work?

Digital Tool Library

Comox Valley Arts has a variety of gear for small festivals and events that can be borrowed. Equipment includes sound gear, speakers, projectors, screens and tents. Reach out to us about your specific needs to see if we can help.