Ancestral Echoes

An Intergenerational Storytelling Project

Ancestral Echoes is a podcast education program that partners Elders with young people in the Comox Valley to engage in the tradition of oral story-telling while producing a recorded podcast.

The purpose of this program is to create a space where Elders can work with local youth engaging in an intergenerational exchange that will provide more perspective, awareness, and understanding of Elder’s voices and stories of the living past to new generations. In exchange, our young people can be active listeners and ask meaningful/thoughtful questions while helping seniors with the tech tools they need to record, edit, and produce stories so that they can be shared more broadly on the radio. 

By creating a story-sharing program with Elders at the center, we can help build stronger relationships between generations and cultures. Through Ancestral Echoes we hope to help preserve knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences while providing an engaging social connection for both Elders and youth.

A significant need within our community in Comox Valley is to record the oral histories and stories of Indigenous Elders. Indigenous Elders have important values, context, and truths to share with residents and visitors of the Comox Valley. These stories help the public understand the deep histories, and generational/firsthand traumas that have taken place over time and can contribute to the decolonizing work in our region. By partnering with the local community radio station, we ensure these important stories are shared broadly with the public, not just sitting in a file collecting dust for perpetuity.

Recordings take place in the Comox Valley Arts Digital Creation Hub, already decked out as a community recording studio with the gear to make professional-grade podcasts. This project will result in 5-8 professionally produced recordings, packaged and ready to play on the radio featuring intergenerational story-telling by diverse voices in our community. This program will be reached by thousands of listeners to CVOX. 

The pilot program of Ancestral Echoes (pictured below) is a partnership between Comox Valley Arts, the MIKI’SIW Métis Association, and the emerging local community radio station, CVOX.

Ava and Bryce record their podcast episode at The Digital Creation Hub
Chrys and Keygan record their podcast episode at The Digital Creation Hub
Laurel and Bobbi make bannock at the pre-recording workshop
Rielle throws the yarn for ‘story weaving’ at the pre-recording workshop
The pre-recording workshop in session