Supporting Arts and Culture in Comox Valley

Through our advocacy work, Comox Valley Arts helps to achieve regional arts and culture goals. Our efforts involve research and collaboration with partners across sectors to position the Comox Valley as a regional hub for sustainable creative economic development. Lately we have been working with the City of Courtenay on their Cultural Planning Process, we also partner with Creative Coast on efforts to link up arts councils across Vancouver Island and we bring together local stakeholders in arts and culture to address topics important to our shared goals of improving our sector.

To learn more about Creative Coast and the effort to create a Vancouver Island office of creative economic development, check out their website.

To learn about the City of Courtenay’s 2023 Cultural Plan, sign up for our newsletter or go to the City of Courtenay’s website.

Learn about the Downtown Courtenay Playbook

Arts and Cultural Tourism

Our 2021 CONVERGE Report aims to emphasize the importance of arts and cultural tourism in the Comox Valley while highlighting strengths and identified gaps within the current tourism and marketing approaches, funding models and their related distribution. It is the intent of this report to provide an analysis of the current situations while also providing a path forward through partnerships and collaboration, that will provide support to arts, culture, and heritage contributors.