Innovative Pro D Program Empowers Artists at All Levels 

Comox Valley Arts, a leading advocate for artistic growth and enrichment, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new professional development program tailored to meet the unique needs of artists at every stage of their creative journey. 

Artists, regardless of their expertise, now have the opportunity to elevate their skills and gain valuable insights through A-School. This program is designed to foster artistic growth through a combination of workshops and group critiques, providing a supportive and collaborative environment for artists to thrive. 

Key Features of A-School: 

  1. Diverse Workshops: A-School offers a diverse range of workshops led by industry experts and seasoned artists. These workshops cover a wide array of topics, including technique refinement, conceptual development, marketing strategies, and the business of art. 
  1. Group Critiques: Participants will engage in group critique sessions, providing a platform for constructive feedback and peer-to-peer learning. This collaborative environment encourages artists to explore new perspectives and refine their artistic approach. 
  1. Tailored Curriculum: The program recognizes that artists have varying needs and skill levels. As such, A-School surveys participants and develops workshops tailored to participant needs that can be adapted to the unique goals and aspirations of each artist. 
  1. Networking Opportunities: Beyond the workshops and critiques, participants will have the chance to connect with fellow artists, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Networking events will facilitate the exchange of ideas and the formation of meaningful professional relationships. 
  1. Accessible Format: A-School is committed to accessibility. Workshops and critiques will be conducted both in-person and virtually, ensuring that artists from around the region can participate and benefit from this program. 

Comox Valley Arts has a proven track record of supporting artists in their creative pursuits, and A-School represents our continued commitment to nurturing the artistic community. 

“The response to join our first two sessions was immediate. We are excited to see how this program will equip and strengthen artists individually and our regional arts community at large.” said Juliana Bedoya, Community Engagement Director at CV/Arts. 

Working artist and North Island College prof, Scott Bertram is the lead facilitator for A-School. “I’ve recognized from my own experience that art making, especially outside of a supportive school community, is challenging and lonely.  As artists, one of our greatest resources is a community of peers, together we can function as a support system and help make our work, talk about our work, challenge ourselves and find inspiration.” 

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative program! Artists of all levels are invited to A-School to unlock their full creative potential and take their artistic journey to new heights. 

For more information and to register: